Concept Maps

Designed by James Box. Original image can be found here.

Interesting Info Design

I thought this information design was interesting in the way it was designed.  The use of color and the position of the information allows it to stand out among other designs. The bold black letters bring the audience in and the small colorful font and its placement around the bold words makes you want to look closer to see what it is they are trying to tell you. To see this design and more visit:

Sitting in Lab 321 is Killing You!

When looking for an example of Information Design, I found this infographic. I felt a connection to because I spend so much time working in the lab. It make excellent use of a limited color palette, consisting of red, orange, white, and black. It is loaded with tons of information and data that is important to your health. After reading this, you should get up and stretch.

Information Design

I really enjoyed this information design. It shows the lifespan of different animals. I like how they are all going the same direction, as if on the journey of life. I think it’s really well done and simple and to the point. Some more designs can be found on

How long do animal live?

I think this one has interesting topic that talks about lifetime of animals. It’s simple so it is easy to figure out. Designer put the year on the side, and divided species by colors. It’s very organized, even if various animals are showing here.

I don’t know who made this, but date is originally from Field Museum of National History. If you want to know more information, click here :

Are you carrying? Are they?

Information design is a growing field becoming more and more popular as visual technology increases.  In order to get a message across or describe something visual messages are becoming the norm. Such as this one.

This piece of information design shows you how to tell if somoene is carrying a concealed firearm. While in most areas the of the country this doesn’t seem like a big help, it is a very good descriptive way to showcase the information they are trying to get across.