Behance Network

Behance is a website dedicated to artistic networking with a concentration in portfolio project designs. It’s free to join and allows you to reach out to your e-mail contacts and twitter to source viewers. It also allows you to publish your work in a professional manner with easy steps on how to start, reporting the strength of your portfolio. I recently found this site and made an account of my own. It is difficult to start networking for me because I don’t know many ppl on the site, but I hope it catches eyes!

This is an example of a piece of work that caught my eye by a user named JKB Fletcher:

Above is a screen shot of my Behance profile view. I’ve been knowing of this site for quite some time now but never took the time to to setup my portfolio. This assignment inspired to me finally start and I’m happy I did. I hope to use this summer to make new pieces to add to it.

Deviant Art


These designs were by artists and posted to Deviant Art.  Deviant Art is a site for artists and designers to post their works and comment on others.  You can buy/sell art on their site. They even have a large collection of tutorials on everything from Photoshop to advanced 3d modeling. The site is known as the world’s largest online community of artists and art-lovers and best of all its FREE! The website can be found at:


These designs are done by Chelsea Conboy.

portfolio website: Carbonmade

With Carbonmade, you can manage your online portfolio with a variety of tools that allow you to change how you display your work. The core idea behind the design of Carbonmade is to keep your images or videos at the forefront.

After joining website you could be allowed to upload your portfolio or work and to do comment to other’s work.

Creative portfolio pieces
Jonathan Acevedo
This is from a french designer with no name. I really like all of her pieces. They are simple and complex and the same time vector art images. When you place your mouse on the image it moves into a series of new images. Many of the images are animalistic and sexual at the same time, which is very peculiar but grabs your attention. Here is a link

Viewbook – Online Portfolio Site

A online portfolio website that I found is one called Viewbook. I liked this site because it seemed easy to navigate and organized the portfolios well. You are able to manage and share your portfolio and can design the portfolio to suit you. You can try Viewbook for free for a 30 day trial period, after that you must choose either the Gallery Basic plan which is $4/ month, the Portfolio Standard plan which is $9/month, or the Website Pro which is $19/month. I really like some of the work in the Studiodosis portfolio, I thought their pieces were interesting and unique. To see some work from the Studiodosis portfolio you can go to this link

The link to the Viewbook online portfolio site is

Rami Niemi – Online Portfolio

THIS IS RAMI NIEMI. This person is quite nifty. Their site appeals to me because the design of the site matches the artwork: clean, simplistic, highly legible text with some comic personality to match the artwork and saturated swatches (or none at all). This site seems like it’s under renovation, but I especially like the contact bubble at the top right. It gives it personality and also conveys a conversational-vibe while meshing well with the rest of the site’s personality. I think many artists treat their website’s design differently than their overall works’ vibes, so I especially like that everything matches on this site. Well done.

My Art Space is a social networking site for the contemporary art world where artists can post their work and let curators, buyers, professors, students, and other art appreciators view their work. It is free and you are able to search and interact with other artists. There are also contests and forums to get involved with.

Image of work found on

the link is

Online portfolio.

“Viwebook” is a website dedicated to anyone who wants to start an online portfolio. They offer to everyone 30days trial for free. This site would be helpful for make portfolio perfect, create, manage and share your online portfolio websites and work presentation, for the web and mobile devices.

I’m attaching one of picture which is an example of what the Viewbook made an online portfolio.

visit the website: