Self Promotion

I found this self promotion package that appealed to me. I’m primarily a Music major and musician, so this really caught my attention. It included this custom amplifier piece, business card, what looks like a resume, and a custom pick. I could only find the flickr that it was associated with, so I assume that they are the designers of the package. Even if they aren’t the original designers, they still have some unique packages.

Sitting in Lab 321 is Killing You!

When looking for an example of Information Design, I found this infographic. I felt a connection to because I spend so much time working in the lab. It make excellent use of a limited color palette, consisting of red, orange, white, and black. It is loaded with tons of information and data that is important to your health. After reading this, you should get up and stretch.

Volkswagen Identity System

The designs from pre-WWII to the present

The Volkswagen logo is one of the most identifiable logos in the world. Since it’s conception in the late 1930’s the basic design has stayed the same: A “V” over a “W”. The reason why I think it is an excellent example of an identity system is because it is simple. It is a simple design that is easily read and distinguished. The VW logo has been featured on everything from cars (obviously), tee shirts, mugs, letter heads, and service receipts. The famous design was made by Franz Reimspiess in a factory design contest. Franz Reimspiess went on to design the iconic Beetle.

Studio Hinrichs

Studio Hinrichs, named after it’s founder, graphic designer Kit Hinrichs, is a San Fransisco Based based design firm. They have an extensive history of creating brand identities, publications, and packaging designs. This relates to the current project that we in Graphic Publication & Design (CART 208) have been assigned. Take a look at and see the vast collection of logos, packaging materials, posters, and everything else that Studio Hinrichs has designed.

San Francisco Zoo

Shepard Fairey

While at the paper ink {voice} exhibition at the Martin-Mullen Gallery, one piece stood out to me. It was a black and white illustration of a very ornate peace sign. Upon closer inspection, the peace sign turns out to be made from the silhouette of a bomber. This unique work of art was made by Shepard Fairey. I did a little resaerch, and found out that it he is the artist who created the OBEY sticker campaign and the Barack Obama “Hope” posters.

“Andre the Gian Has a Posse is a street art and viral marketing campaign based on a design by Shepard Fairey created in 1989 in Providence, Rhode Island. Over time the artwork has been reused in a number of ways and has become worldwide, following in the footsteps of World War II “Kilroy Was Here”. At the same time, Fairey altered the work stylistically and semantically into the OBEY Giant.”