Carbonmade is definately one of the easiest and most interesting and fun sites that I have come across for someone to show off a portfolio. This site is can be subscibed to in two ways. There is a free subscription where a person can only put up a few pieces of work, but the full subsciption allows for many more pieces of artwork to be shown.

Link to an example of a portfolio

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Brand Union

This company prides itself in actually creating logos and identity systems for other companies. This logo is a great example of positive and negative space correctly and efficiently used. The overall logo when looked at as a whole clearly reads Brand Union, but it is artistically designed when looked at more closely. This is a great logo.

Brand Union Website


Definately one of the most famous logos ever created, most everyone can recognize the Adidas logo. The logo with its three stripes universally represents athletics and exercise. The logo works great in both positive and negative image modes with the black and white becoming easily interchangeable. This simple yet visually powerful logo is a great example of a great identity system logo. Adidas was founded by Adolf Dassler, who also created the logo with the help of his brother, the founder of Puma.

Josef Muller Brockmann

Josef Muller Brockmann is known as the father of the grid system that is used everyday by graphic designers. Brockmann was born in 1914, way before graphic design could be done the easy way on computers. Brockmann’s style emphasized cleanliness, readability, and objectivity. He opened his own studio in Zurich in 1936 where he worked on projects for companies such as the Zurich Police and the Swiss Auto Club, and also projects for IBM. “The grid system aids the designer with creating a functional and objective design,” said Brockmann. He is known as one of the greatest graphic designers to ever live. The poster above is his most famous poster, which advertises a Beethoven Opera, and it shows his uniquely creative style.