A Frightening Infographic!

This is a well done infographic that’s also quite horrifying for the vast majority of us that sit most of the day. Check it out: http://www.geekosystem.com/sitting-health-dangers/

Papercraft John Deere Tractor – by Structural Graphics

The video pretty much explains how effective it is. Being a papercraft artist myself, I was intrigued when I came across an article over the summer that explained this whole concept. The sculpture itself is something interesting that people keep around and show others as a conversation piece and handing down to kids to play with, which is always great in the company’s eye for many reasons. First of all, something this unique is going to be looked at with extra attention and not immediately thrown out like most ads in the mail, which should always be the number one priority by the design team. Secondly, by keeping it around and/or handing it off to someone else, the company gets more and more exposure which is great for obvious reasons.

Once the customer is immediately interested by this sort of promotion, they’re more likely to look into the company’s product further. In this case, pop in the USB stick to their computer and check out the ad.

Rehab First – Ambiguity

This logo, created by Siah Design, is effective for several reasons. First of all, it’s a classic example of ambiguity between positive and negative space with the health cross created by the space in between ‘r’ and ‘1’, which represent ‘rehab’ and ‘first’ respectively (somewhat intuitively). This is logo is also great due to the emphasis on the word “first” within the type. Of course, this helps the viewer easily separate the 2 words so that it doesn’t appear as one word; however, it also helps display the company’s values of “putting their patients first” in a very simple manner.

Much less noticeably, Siah Design very subtly made the health cross in the logo slightly (10%) longer on the bottom, to have a slight, almost hidden, emphasis on Rehab First’s (located in Texas) strong belief in Jesus Christ.

Clean, Effective Identity

This identity, created by Why Not Associates, is an example of clean and effective design. There’s always appeal in a logo that has multiple meanings. Obviously the ‘Q’ in ‘Square’ is being replaced with a square itself, but it also serves as a quote bubble graphic which insinuates conversation. This accurately depicts the purpose of the brand because it’s actually hosts meetings. Simple design like this become versatile as far a color schemes are concerned, as you can see in the image above.

The Designers List | An AWESOME Resource

Designer's List


Not sure how many people know about this, but it’s truly a valuable resource. If you’re a designer, this is definitely a bookmark! Basically, it’s just a list of great sites that offer fonts, stock photos, texture packs, color schemes, brushes, vector graphics, and even just inspiration. They also provide a few useful infographics such as Color Theory.

Be sure to check it out.