Online Portfolio

Coroflot Portfolios: the fast easy way to get your creative projects online and in front of the right people.

This site gives people the opportunity to create an online portfolio and post it so others can see it. It is very easy to navigate and there is no charge to post a portfolio. In addition to posting your work, you can also find job opportunities and view portfolios posted by other people. People from all over the country use this site so it’s very interesting to see what types of projects other people are doing.

Self Promotion

This is a card for Anne Meyer Design, whose tagline is “An Eye For Design”. I thought this was a very clever and interesting idea for a card. The eyes definitely catch the viewer’s attention and makes them want to look closer. The glasses aren’t just an eye-catching design; there are actual cardboard glasses enclosed. This would be very memorable and probably would draw in more clients.

Identity System



A company whose products I love very much is Apple. Their identity design is very simple, but it works. Everyone recognizes the logo and the products just by looking at it. Apple has many different products, but they all have a similar overall look; they tend to be thin and sleek and have simple color schemes. There are no crazy designs, there is just the logo.

History of Graphic Design


For my magazine article, I was assigned Woody Pirtle. He established Pirtle Design in Texas in 1978. The firm created identity programs and marketing materials for major companies, such as Baylor University Medical Center, The Dallas Museum of Art, TGI Friday’s, and the Dallas Opera. In 1988 Pirtle merged Pirtle Design with Pentagram, an international design consultancy founded in London in 1972. He became a partner at their New York offices for the next 18 years while continuing to work with some of the firm’s most prestigious clients. In 2005 Pirtle left Pentagram to re-establish Pirtle Design. In 2002 he was commissioned by Amnesty International to design a series of posters focusing on twelve of the individual articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Graphics For Change

My favorite poster was Hidden Danger. The designer of this poster is Cedomir Kostovic. He teaches Graphic Design and Illustration at Missouri State University. This poster really caught my eye because of the pattern and design of it. I didn’t realize it said AIDS until I really looked at it. This goes along with the title and theme of the poster, Hidden Danger. You don’t know it’s there and you have to keep an eye out for it.