Nike Identity

I’ve never been an avid Nike wearer or user of many of its products, but I’ve always admired the company’s identity. This logo is probably one of the most recognizable of all time; it would be quite difficult to find anyone these days, almost anywhere the world, who would not be able to identify it. Sometimes the company name is incorporated into the logo  as well, but nowadays it isn’t even necessary to put them together, even in ads, for people to know what the logo represents, like in this recent campaign. And yet, it’s an incredibly simple design and easy to use in any color on any background, and incorporate into clothing and other product designs. It’s a perfect athletic product identity…its simple, fluid design makes one think of speed and, well, correctness, as it does look like a check mark. Apparently though, it was designed to represent the wing on the statue of the Greek goddess of victory, Nike, who served as the cause of motivation for the distinguished and audacious Greek warriors. Makes sense. Also known as the “Swoosh”, it was designed in 1971 by a design student named Carolyn Davidson. Oh, and here is Nike’s website.