“Peace” by Luba Lukova

The reason why I impressed the Luba Lukaova’s work was contradictory and truly. I found another poster what is “peace”. This is very beautiful and strong image. Luba’s work is incredibly powerful, and she is just as insightful personally though much more soft-spoken.

At the begging of the semester,  Kathy showed us to get inspiring from  example of professional poster in class, that moment  I did not know who made it but,  loved it much. It’s one of the Luba Luka0va’s work. I hope to make a project sometime with using symbols and beautiful shapes as like she’s works!

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  1. This was also one of my favorites! I love this artist as well and as soon as Kathy showed us this poster in class I immediately was drawn to it! I love when artists use symbols, shapes or drawings to make up a big picture (like the dove in this poster)

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