Sonic Logo

Jonathan Acevedo

This the the sonic the hedgehog logo. It is the logo for the video game character. I really like how they used negative and positive space to make the logo. It is clearly made to look like sonic himself.

Pokemon game catridge

Jonathan Acevedo

This is another pokemon post. I really like how well designed this pokemon game box was done. This is the original Red version. The box art is really well done.It has the famous pokemon logo and catch phrase of gotta catch em all. The designers well really smart in making this their catch phrase because it target young kids with telling them they have to have all the games and it worked. Pokemon games are the highest selling games for the nintendo company. The creators knew what they were doing when making the box art by putting the most popular character on it.

Pokemon Typography

Jonathan Acevedo

This is cool to me because I always loved pokemon growing up. This has the most popular pokemon on it, which is the fire breathing line of charmander, charmeleon and charizard. They even have the pokemon in the letters. I just think that this is really cool and would even to do it myself. i would like to learn how to make graphics in letters. It was probably done in adobe Illustrator. Here is the link



Anyone who really knows me knows that I am a huge Winnie the Pooh fan and I love cartoons and a lot of this has to with my interest in Disney. I have grown on many Disney classics and Disney World is probably one of my favorite places in the world. I look at their logos and it reminds me of childhood memories and all the great things that I associate Disney with. I think the logos are well thought out because they are simple but the message behind it is so huge. It show what a long way a name or persons signature goes. This is what inspires me to have a strong signature and one that reflects me because I never know where it will get me one day.

NBA Logos


Since the NBA playoffs started I’ve been taking notice to the different logos for the teams.  I think they are creative in the way some of them incorporate the team name with what their name represents. For example the Orlando Magic with the ‘magic ball’ and the star in place of the ‘A’. I thought the Indiana Pacers logo was on the simple side compared to most but still the design works. The Michael Jordan logo is one of the most popular logo especially in the NBA. The silhouette of Michael Jordan performing one of his famous jumps is seen on many athletic gear and make Nike Air Jordan’s one of Nike’s most popular shoe.

Cool Logo

Ever since we were assigned the Identity project I became interested in the different logos that were out there.  I came across this logo when I googled ‘cool logos’ and I thought it was pretty cool. I like the concept of creating words or phrases from letters, words or objects.  It is a unique use of design and a logo that works.