Portfolio Websites

I recommend redbubble.com to anyone who hasn’t looked at it before.  It’s a fun portfolio site where you can upload many different mediums of art from drawings to t-shirts and they have fun contests.  It also has the unique option to sell your work, where they will print off the image you uploaded- so you need to make sure your work is high enough resolution.  You can choose your % mark up for each work, though I’m not sure it’s the most popular place to sell art- it’s still a cool option.  I have actually had my own portfolio on redbubble for a while now- though it’s not exactly up-to-date.  Below is a photoshop image that I made for a photoshop cs5 contest.  I didn’t win and I’ve never sold anything, but it’s still a fun site.  Check it out.

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Andrew Baker

I am currently a student attending SUNY at Oneonta while dual-majoring in computer art and mass communications. I like anything that has to do with the media and I am fascinated by technology. My favorite fields have anything to do with film and television or photoshop. I am also very interested in travel and music.