andy mangold.

When visiting the paper ink {voice} exhibit, one of my favorite posters was a part of the Haiti Poster Project by artist Andy Mangold.

I really enjoyed the pairing of the colors and how the arrangement of the hot air balloons draws your eye downward to a center focal point, where a short message is stated. “A world united to build Haiti”- simple, yet direct and effective, as is the rest of the poster. The color at the bottom where the message and the outline of Haiti itself are is the boldest, but the width of the pattern at the top makes the viewer start there before carefully looking at the intended point. The shapes created are interesting, yet there is enough empty space so that the design is not too crowded.

When viewing the artist’s site, this poster caught my eye:

Created by Mangold and friend James Anderson, this was made to honor the chair of the Graphic Design program at MICA, their school. The idea of crossing out design-relevant chairs to “let Brockett know that she is the best chair of them all” is clever and meaningful.  Messages at the bottom from their peers were included, and while being personal the whole feel of the poster is still professional looking.