Information Design

I Think this information design is fun and very useful for everyone, it can be used for young boys who are just learning how to tie there own tie or even women who are married or in a relationship its always good to know how to tie you partners tie. This design is straight to the point and easy to understand which is important when reading directions.

WEEBLY is a free website for anyone who wants to make there own website. The advantage of this website is that it’s easy to use and its FREE. You can use an existing domain name, or purchase one through them,  there are templets or you can create your own theme which has HTML. This website is really fun and helpful for anyone trying to start a business or create a portfolio

Kit Hinricks

KIT HINRICHS is a graphic designer who was a partner in the famous global design firm Pentagram. He has more than 3,000 Stars and Stripes artifacts in his collection. After many years of working at Pentagram he decided to venture out and start is own company which is now “Hinricks Studios”. He designs everything such as branding, publications, environmental, packaging, promotion, and posters. its a really interesting person and i enjoy researching him for this magazine project.

Nine to Fear by David Daniele

I  chose this poster because I thought it was interesting its simple bold, but still makes you wonder what’s next. At first I didn’t know what he meant by “Nine to fear” but realized it was based on photographs he took for an exhibit, from that I became even more interested in his work because I knew we shared similar interest. I enjoyed looking at this piece because its more sophisticated and straight to the point which is the type of art I enjoy, I also loved the fact that he used black and white in his poster.