I liked the Self Promotion that Luke Skinner had on his website.He called it a self promotion fun pack and it it’s very fun and the graphics are interesting and have nice, attractive colors. A fun activity pack seemed like a good,fun tool for self promotion as well. The colors matched his website them as well. His website is very nice and i like how he designs things and promotes himself.

Online Portfolio

I found a great portfolio site called CarbonMade. It's very user friendly and colorful and inviting to use. It's free to sign up for 5 projects (albums) and 35 images. For $12 a month you get 50 projects, 500 images and 10 videos.  It's very easy to use and very fast to upload images. You also get a section (on both) to talk about yourself and your skills. I ended up making my own portfolio on it to show for possible jobs or internships. I found and cool graphic design porfolio by Yvan Benoit that I liked a lot. They had some very interesting, colorful pictures.

Logos: Ambiguity of Pos/Neg Space

I thought that this was an awesome logo using the technique of ambiguity of positive and negative space. 
The Kolner Zoo is a zoo located in Germany. This logo is very simple and effective. I thought it
was so clever how they used other zoo animals to make up the legs of the elephant. The image fits the place they are
advertising very well, it shows they have a variety of animals. I couldn't find who designed the logo on the website 
or anywhere online because everything I found about this zoo was all in German.


Identity Systems- Apple

I think the Apple logo is a great example of an identity system. It's very simple, yet effective. The identity illustrates the name of the company without having to type the name underneath the image. It is a universally known and easily recognizable logo. It's great for advertising as well. You can often spot Apple products in movies or tv shows by recognizing the Apple logo in the background. You don't need to read a name to know it's an apple product, the image is all you need to see. The logo was created in 977 created by Rob Janoff .

interesting paintings- look at this

my grandma gave me this interesting art calendar she got in the mail this year, by the “foot and mouth painters”, i don’t know if you’ve ever heard of them, but they are a group of disabled people who can’t use their hands and paint with the brush in their mouth or between their toes. they’re actually very talented, it’s really neat to see the stuff they’ve painted this way, i found it very interesting

History of Graphic Design- Maira Kalman

Maira Kalman is an illustrator, artist, author and designer. She was born in Tel Aviv and moved to NYC with her family at age four. Kalman has done a wide variety of different projects including: illustrating many covers for the New Yorker, illustrating/writing her own blog for the New York Times, designing products with her husband Tibor for their company M&Co, designing sets for plays/films, and illustrating books and magazines. She is very well known for her illustrations in “The Elements of Style”. Kalman has a very fun, unique style of illustration.

Cedomir Kostovic- Graphics for Change

The poster that stood out the most to me at the gallery was the AIDS Hidden Danger poster by Cedomir Kostovic. The pattern really caught my attention, and from far away you couldn’t even tell that it said AIDS  on the poster, you only could see it when you got very close to it, which I thought illustrated the concept perfectly. Kostovic has other interesting advocacy posters as well. I really like this poster he ddi for equality of people as well.