Designer: Graham Smith

I like this self-promotion graphic because it tells the reader what he does and gives you some of his websites to visit. It also has a sense of humor to it.

To see more about Graham Smith and his work visit the websites listed on the graphic above.

I found this graphic at:

Deviant Art


These designs were by artists and posted to Deviant Art.  Deviant Art is a site for artists and designers to post their works and comment on others.  You can buy/sell art on their site. They even have a large collection of tutorials on everything from Photoshop to advanced 3d modeling. The site is known as the world’s largest online community of artists and art-lovers and best of all its FREE! The website can be found at:

8 Fish

This design makes great use of the positive and negative space in order to create the 8 fish. Upon first glace at the picture you may only see the four fish in yellow but by looking a little closer you can see the other four fish created by the negative space. This interesting logo was designed by Jerron Ames. To see more designs by Jerron Ames you can visit his website at:

Firefox Logo

Firefox’s logo is known by most people who have a computer; not because they see it on T.V. but because every time they go to use their internet they have to click on this logo.  It has a very artistic design, and its use of color makes it stand out on anyone’s desktop. It’s originality and use of color makes it a very successful logo.

To see more about firefox check out their homepage at: