A great example of information design!

I just love this informational design using ISOTYPE – the International System OTYpographic Picture Education. It was an early infographical form, originated in the 1930s by Austrian philosopher and curator Otto Neurath “as a symbolic way of representing quantitative information via easily interpretable icons.”  I love this design because it is very easy to read and understand due to Gerd Arntz’s pictures of animals and very thoughtful color system. It is very simple and does not throw too much information or type at the reader. The curved timeline makes this design easier to look at because it creates flow and movement in the design. The colors chosen to show if the animal is a mammal,  bird, invertebrate, or other vertebrate are drawn in all primary colors which I think is a great choice. Gerd Arntz is a very talented designer and you should all check him out at http://www.gerdarntz.org/

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