Milton Glaser

Milton Glaser, an icon of american graphic design and the creator of  the ‘I Love NY’ logo.   his work is characterized more by drawings.  Milton Glaser drew both on contemporary culture and historic period styles for inspiration; his playful style is lively and witty, enhanced by psychedelic colors.

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Online portfolio.

“Viwebook” is a website dedicated to anyone who wants to start an online portfolio. They offer to everyone 30days trial for free. This site would be helpful for make portfolio perfect, create, manage and share your online portfolio websites and work presentation, for the web and mobile devices.

I’m attaching one of picture which is an example of what the Viewbook made an online portfolio.

visit the website:

Vivienne Westwood

I think Vivienne Westwood is a genius at self promotion.Vivienne Westwood is a worldwide known fashion designer with outrageous designs incorporating a British touch and so this brief aims to brand a food range designed by Dame Westwood. The circle object of Vivienne Westwood reflects the circle of the British Crown Jewels but with the addition of the ‘Planetary’ circle around it she gave it a bit of a puck twist. She has always used a lot of tweeds and tartans, which even inspired her logo.


I found Vivace String quartet logo by Alessio. As we can see, this company is for a professional string quarter. It is  the place to go for creative design solutions! Creativity, talent and skill combine to make effective, fresh designs.

Evolution of the Mobile Phone

I found evolution of the mobile phone information design. The colours orange and blue are bright and contrast easy other while linking important aspects together. The images of the phones are simple, however effective as they do not complicate the design, with over illustration, impairing the viewer from understanding the information.

White box marketing

White Box is a boutique digital marketing agency. This logo seems refers to the concept; white shape and black shape comes together and symbolize the company name and shows 3D shape. It must be unique but easy to digest so customers will remember it and not be confused.

Perot Museum of Nature & Science: Identity System

The reason why I decided to choose “Perot Museum of Nature & science” is very simple, easy recognition and be able to work across a variety of mediums and applications. specially I loved [ ] Part. Inside [ ] part, can be apply variety objects such as stone, bugs, earth and so on. It’s all relative with museum of nature. The red color is  strong and wonderful so it keep my eyes focused on this logo.

I found an information at I  hope you go to this website and find bunch of incredible design

saul bass

Saul Bass  was a graphic designer and Academy Award-winning filmmaker. Although an excellent logo designer, he is best known for his design on animated motion picture title sequences, which is thought of as the best such work ever ss one of the most influential artists in many different forms of American art. Film, logo, graphic, posters, animation, he does it all.  His revolutionary designs changed multimedia in America forever.

What i find interesting is that most of his logos follow round geometric patterns, mainly circular. When he used lettering such as in the Kleenex logo, he still used a very round font. Then comes the Exxon logo and it truly breaks all these rules. It is truly fascinating that so many worldwide known logos that are with us today.

“Peace” by Luba Lukova

The reason why I impressed the Luba Lukaova’s work was contradictory and truly. I found another poster what is “peace”. This is very beautiful and strong image. Luba’s work is incredibly powerful, and she is just as insightful personally though much more soft-spoken.

At the begging of the semester,  Kathy showed us to get inspiring from  example of professional poster in class, that moment  I did not know who made it but,  loved it much. It’s one of the Luba Luka0va’s work. I hope to make a project sometime with using symbols and beautiful shapes as like she’s works!