PRINTERS… and other things that ought to stop being lame.

February 14, 2011 <–Click this to see this poster.

Ok, so my computer is super faulty and everything I wrote about Luba Lukova’s LOVE poster got deleted and it would be too painful to rewrite it, so I reverted instead to the poster “Why I Believe Printers Were Sent From Hell to Make Us Miserable.” It was created by web designer Matthew Inman, who also codes, writes, and draws all comics/posters on his website, I believe he started the Oatmeal because working with clients made him really frustrated.

He’s kind of the Luba Lukova for everyday issues… this particular one points out why printers are evil… which they totally are. Of course, this isn’t quite Luba Lukova design work, but I think it looks nifty, it holds my attention, and regarding design, it’s well organized and flows well (moreso in a poster than in a webcomic. See the poster flow here:

I think this is a nice piece to look over because it makes good use of negative space. There’s a lot of imagery and commentary, but it’s not cluttered.


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