Scott Wade

Scott Wade started creating masterpieces, in dirt, on car windshields. I feel this is very unique and another amazing way to turn something unwanted and thought of as bad, into beautiful art. I love art that turns our dirty world into something beautiful and creative. Click on the link to look through Scott Wades gallery, and watch videos of how he has mastered the art of dirt.

“Mona Lisa/Starry Night | This image featuring Leonardo’s “Mona Lisa” with Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” is shown at its peak. These images drawn in the dust are obviously quite impermanent. One of the cool things about them is how they change over time. More dust accumulates as the car is driven down the road. Early morning dew streaks and dots the image, creating a patina. A light shower creates a deeper patina… Photo Credit: Scott Wade”

This one only took an hour to create!

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