Fashion Photography

Sea of Shoes Blog is a website I visit very frequently. Sea of Shoes is the personal style blog of Jane Aldridge. Here she posts photos of her as a model, her work and her interests. This blog is very popular and has caught the eye of a number of people in the fashion industry, elevating her to a higher position in her own fashion feats. I enjoy looking at her photography and reading of her latest findings.

The picture above is an image of her latest project which is set to debut dolls with a new edge. “An exciting upcoming collaboration with Monster High! When I first blogged about the dolls I never dreamed I’d get the chance to work with them. I love the design of the dolls, from their fangs to their fluttery eyelashes all the way down to their clunky boots. Every doll has a ‘freaky flaw’ of it own–Frankie Stein”