Nicholas Wilson, Self-Promotional Piece

This is a really exceptional self-promotional piece by Nicholas Wilson. It incorporates many mediums which have a really organic appeal. It’s very organized, original, and distinctively recycled looking. What I like most is how empty space is treated. The business cards container literally devotes an entire casing to one little pile of business cards (with two distinctive rounded edges alternating with square-cut edges). There are many boxes and compartments within the overall packaged design which from an pictured experience might seem convoluted, but I imagine when one actually handles this promotional grouping, it might be a lot like unwrapping a very beautiful gift. I especially like the wooden cover of the portfolio book. It just seems very sophisticated and yet approachable. I love this thing.

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Mel is the mascot of the computer art club, Eta Kau Pi. In her spare time, she attends college.