Sonic Logo

Jonathan Acevedo

This the the sonic the hedgehog logo. It is the logo for the video game character. I really like how they used negative and positive space to make the logo. It is clearly made to look like sonic himself.

Pokemon game catridge

Jonathan Acevedo

This is another pokemon post. I really like how well designed this pokemon game box was done. This is the original Red version. The box art is really well done.It has the famous pokemon logo and catch phrase of gotta catch em all. The designers well really smart in making this their catch phrase because it target young kids with telling them they have to have all the games and it worked. Pokemon games are the highest selling games for the nintendo company. The creators knew what they were doing when making the box art by putting the most popular character on it.

Pokemon Typography

Jonathan Acevedo

This is cool to me because I always loved pokemon growing up. This has the most popular pokemon on it, which is the fire breathing line of charmander, charmeleon and charizard. They even have the pokemon in the letters. I just think that this is really cool and would even to do it myself. i would like to learn how to make graphics in letters. It was probably done in adobe Illustrator. Here is the link

Creative portfolio pieces
Jonathan Acevedo
This is from a french designer with no name. I really like all of her pieces. They are simple and complex and the same time vector art images. When you place your mouse on the image it moves into a series of new images. Many of the images are animalistic and sexual at the same time, which is very peculiar but grabs your attention. Here is a link

Self promotional Graphic

I really like this piece because it is a play on words. It immediately grabs your attention and leads you in. It is by Scoot Buschkuhl a designer who created a package design. I really liked the idea because of its use of typography and its interesting and unique approach. Here is a link

Jonathan Acevedo

Kolner Zoo Logo

I think that the Kolner Zoo logo definitely shows how positive and negative space can be used to create an effective logo. I like how you see the elephant first and the you start to see the positive space of the giraffe and rhino come into play. It is one of those logos where you have to take a second to actually see the other animals. I would definitely go see this zoo if I ever visited Germany.

Nintendo Identity

I feel that the Nintendo logo is very effective. It holds a special place in my life because I grew up playing video games and I always recognized the Nintendo logo as playing a game. It is instantly recognizable and easy to read. It is placed on all its game systems and I think that it is a very well designed identity logo. To learn more about Nintendo visit their website at

History of Graphic Design

Jonathan Acevedo

Massimo Vignelli has a specific philosophy when it comes to design that intrigues the mind. It goes as follows “If you can design one thing, you can design everything”. If you would specify him as a type of designer you would not be able to because he designs everything!

He was born in Italy and studied architecture. His love for design brought him to the States where he co-founded Vignelli Associates with his wife. One of his most important designs was the iconic signage of the New York City Map. Even though he studied architecture in school he did not let that title limit his potential . Today he designs a little of everything from package design, to furniture design and to public design.

To learn more about his designs you can visit his website,

Graphic for Change

Jonathan Acevedo, CART 208

Keith Haring, 1986,

Crack is Wack

The mural is located on 128th St. and 2nd Ave. and it was done in response to the crack epidemic in NYC. It was done without permission, but is now protected under the City Department of Arts. I think that kids will pass by the mural and immediately be drawn to it. They will think that it is just a fun drawing but then see that there is a serious message behind it. Haring’s work usually illustrates social issues. they are in your face and usually call out to you. To see more of his work visit his website at