This blog is labeled “12 Cool Information Graphic Posters: The Geek Edition.”

There is also a cool x-men family tree and a trilogy meter graphic.


In the tostitos logo you can see two people are the “t”s in the middle.

The pink “31” that the B and R make signifies the 31 flavors that Baskin Robbins has.

There are a bunch more interesting facts about other logos on this site.

Logo Redesign

May 11, 2011

I found this website on logo redesigns and thought it was really cool.

Online Portfolio

May 9, 2011

ArtistPortfolio.Net is a free website that allows you to put your work online. You can also share your work with others and network through this site.

image by James McKissic


May 1, 2011

This is a design by Isaac Zakar.  When I was researching this post I clicked on his website and was impressed just by the site itself.  He did a very good job promoting himself.  He does great work and has a very clean, organized site.

Information Design

May 1, 2011

I thought this information design was really great.  It had a lot of information that is clear to read in a very fun way. This graphic was done by adaptu.

I like this logo a lot because of its use of positive and negative space.  I also like that it’s simple, with only one continuous line.  You can tell right away that it has to do with a hospital because of the cross and I love the stairs because they signify climbing upwards. This logo was designed by John Langdon.