Some interesting things about logos

In the tostitos logo you can see two people are the “t”s in the middle.

The pink “31” that the B and R make signifies the 31 flavors that Baskin Robbins has.

There are a bunch more interesting facts about other logos on this site.

Chevrolet Identity

When researching identities I found a website on the history of the Chevrolet “Bowtie”.  I found it interesting that legend says that William C. Durant copied the bowtie from wallpaper in his hotel room.  His wife, however, said that he saw it used in a newspaper and thought it would be a good idea for a Chevrolet car plate.  I think this is a very good identity for Chevrolet whether it was traced from wallpaper or seen in a newspaper.

Charles and Ray Eames

What I found intersting about Charles and Ray Eames is that they did many different things in the art world.  I believe they are most known for their work with furniture.  They created so many different types of chairs and they were all very different.  They wanted to help people buy furniture that was affordable and comfortable.  Charles Eames was concerned mostly with the quality of the furniture and used a variety of different materials including molded plywood, wire mesh, cast aluminum, and fiberglass that was reinforced with plastic.

Cedomir Kostovic

When I went to the art gallery I really liked Cedomir Kostovic’s poster.  When I googled him I found that he has done a lot of great social posters.  One that I really like is this “Stop Violence” poster.  It’s so simple yet so effective.  Even though the hand is roughly drawn with no detail whatsoever you know what it is and you can tell that it’s broken.  The “STOP” draws your eye because it’s highlighted in red, which is the only color in the poster.  I really love this poster and I think he is a great artist.