twenty things worth knowing about beer.

One of my favorite websites is called The Oatmeal. Featuring entertaining comics and blogposts, creator Matthew Inman succeeds in making his point clear with every post. Topics range from cats to grammar to technology issues, all presented in a hilarious manner. This graphic is informative on the production of beer while providing humorous quotes from an array of figures. His illustration style is lighthearted and consistent, and I continue to check back often for new pieces. Many of them are especially relevant to designers, and I seriously embarrassed myself laughing about the “8 Websites You Should Stop Making” comic. Enjoy!


Information Design

This well-done inforgraphic is designed by  Timm Kekeritz, and he created a set of infographics, visualizing parts of their research data, to make the issue of virtual water and the water footprint perceptible. It is designed by only two colors tho it descrives the main point perfectly. Also, you can get a print and download via iTunes on their website;

Largest Bankruptcies in History : Info Design

An information design that I thought was both clever and efficient in providing information was this design on the largest bankruptcies in history.  It is a witty way to show “bankruptcy” as capsizing ships, yet works as a strong and readable information design.  I’ve done some research, and from what I understand this design was done as a collaborative work by GOOD and Always With Honor.  There are many more cool designs like this at their site.

Check them out at

The Oatmeal: Nonsense Made Organized

The Oatmeal was created by Matthew Inman, who essentially makes brief comics or commentary with clean forms of design. Sometimes, his sarcasm forces him to jokingly use informational designs to emphasize how stupid some serious issues are. Other times he will make the absurd seem intelligent. Regardless, his use of informational design is clever. To the left is one of his earlier designs. Organized and interesting… and pretty much useless. Hooray!

Info Design- Coffee Drinks

An example of information that I thought was very interesting and well done was this piece done by Lokesh Dhakar about coffee. This is a very simple and easy to understand chart showing what is in the different types of coffee drinks you can get at a coffee shop. I though that he used a very creative way to help people better understand what exactly is in the different types of coffee drinks. There are so many different types of coffee drinks today that it can be difficult to keep straight what each one is so I think that this is a very helpful and interesting diagram. More information about this diagram and Dhakar himself can be found at his blog.