USA Network

I find myself seeing this logo all the time, especially when I’m watching the Law & Order SVU marathon.  I have always found it to be a cool design and thought it would be the perfect example of ambiguity of positive and negative space.  It is clear that the there are 3 letters (U-S-A) put the negative space of the S created by the U and A is an excellent use of design.  What I found interesting when researching on the logo I found that it went through a series of different logos since it’s start in 1971.  Through the timeline of logos I find the current logo to be the most effective, especially when it is on the bottom of the screen while watching the USA network.  I always found it annoying when a TV logo interferes with what you are watching on TV but this logo allows for the viewer to enjoying their program while also reminding them of the network their watching, where characters are welcomed!