Online Portfolio

an online portfolio site that I have once used and that I would recommend to you is it is a place where people can view your work and they can also buy it and you have a chance to sell it and make a little extra cash. Their website is free.

Information Design

This is a very nice poster that would help little kids learn manners and stuff like that. It’s very bright, bold, and has good colors that would get the attention of a little boy or girl. It’s also simple and easy to read.

Identity Systems

The Walmart logo is one logo that I really like. Walmart changed its logo in 2008, I believe that this change to the logo is more than just a logo change because after they changed the logo they changed their stores. This to me seems like a big upgrade for the company. After looking at all of Walmart’s logos from the time they started to now I really visually enjoy this one and the one before it. The designer for the logo is unknown at this time.

History of Graphic Design

For my Magazine assignment I received the artist Banksy. Banksy is a special type of artist. I guess you could say that he is a person that defies all rules and lives somewhat of an outlaw life. Banksy is a street artist that creates most of his work on buildings thus committing crimes of vandalism. Banksy also has no known identity some people haven’t even seen his face so they don’t even know what he looks like. One of his most famous pieces is “Wall and Piece.” For more information on this artist can go to

Graphics for Change

During the paperink voice visual gallery there were two pieces by a different artist that I really enjoyed. They both had a meaning about the same issue that is effecting the world today. The issue they were attacking and informing the viewers is Global Warming. I really felt touched by these pieces because it’s art and has a strong meaning behind them . We Only Get One by Taylor Myers and Murder by Ahmet Erdogan both pieces showing revolt against humanity’s contribution to climate change and global warming.