http://www.mycroburst.com is a website where people in need of a logo, website design, or design of any kind can go and it’s also a place for designers to work. If you are joining the site as a customer there is a listing fee of $19 to run your contest and you will need to enter a prize for the winning designer at a minimum of $149 depending on the project. If your a designer joining the site there isn’t any fee and you can explore the contests and design as much as you’d like. This website is successful because each contest gets designs in a matter of hours and select designers can win prize money while building their portfolio.

The image below is an example from a contest listed for a real estate logo. This logo hasn’t won the contest because there is still a few days left running, but it’s a good example of what you would be receiving design wise if you were to sign up as a customer. This designers user name is niklaslffedesign.

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