Self-Promotion: Dan luvisi

Ive seen many artist’s  portfolio sites while trying to figure out how to design mine. Of the many one of them Caught my eye, that is the site of Dan Luvisi. Luvisi is a digital artist mostly focusing on concept art. And his design has showcased that. Each page showcases his impecable skills as a concept artist. But thats not all, the header for his site is a very simple yet effective logo, and the layout tells you all about him.

Are you carrying? Are they?

Information design is a growing field becoming more and more popular as visual technology increases.  In order to get a message across or describe something visual messages are becoming the norm. Such as this one.

This piece of information design shows you how to tell if somoene is carrying a concealed firearm. While in most areas the of the country this doesn’t seem like a big help, it is a very good descriptive way to showcase the information they are trying to get across.


There are many fantastic logos that involve positive and negative space. The one that caught my eye was the logo for 5.10 the apparel company.  Through clever use of positive and negative space the designer has created a single image using both the numbers five and ten. You can look at it from many different angles and each time you will see a different number of the two.

Vauxhall Motors

Vauxhall motors logo caught my attention while searching for inspiration. This logo is a well designed identity system for many reasons. The first reason is this is a very unique logo. It is immediatly recognizeable and could not be mistaken for something else. Also the simplicity of this logo works well. It is very easy to see and therefore remember so it will not be easily confused or cause the viewer to ignore the logo. This logo has also been redesigned multiple times, while staying true to its original form it has slowly changed and become more current. The changing of the identity to keep consumers interested in the project i believe is a crucial piece in making this a successful graphic identity.

Micheal Graves Design Group

Micheal Graves, one of the New York five, he was originally known for his innovations to architecture. From buildings like the Team Disney Building in Burbank, the Tajima office building in Tokyo and even the Detriot institute of arts in detroit michigain, Graves architectural influence has affected the all over the world. His design group is no less prominent. Recently the micheal graves design group made  a partnership with the retail powerhouse, Target. This collaboration is bringing Graves interesting designs to the common consumer in interesting appliance designs, such as tea sets, coffee pots and so much more.

Color and professionalism.

Alright, well here I was using stumble upon at work and I found a pretty interesting and useful article, reading through it actually helped me and showed me a couple things  Ive done wrong and ways to fix it, so I figured id share it. This is a whole article on color and how to better use it in a professional environment, I hope you enjoy it!

Wave by Emek

When I first walked in to the poster exhibit, Emek’s posters are the ones that stood out the most. His art style was very unique. Amongst all the poster’s his was quite possibly the most detailed and most art like amongst the posters. While others used simpler designs to convey their messages, Emek used a much more artistic and illustrative way to express his ideas.At the show two designs stood out for me, one was R.I.Pb, this image was clever while simple in design. However the one that stood out the most was wave. In this Emek reference a famous japanese painting, Wave, and changed it to show what we are doing to our planet as well as how all the crap we use is coming around to swallow the world up.