ATTENTION Graphic Design classmates!

I am just letting everyone know on here that I bought a pack of 50 CD labels that we will be needing for our final project. I obviously do not need all of them, s0 I am selling a sheet for $1 each. There are 2 labels on each sheet (incase you mess up on one) Please let me know if you want one!

You can contact me at I also have class at 2-3:50 in lab 321, so you can find me there. I will bring them with me to each class we have left.

Also, heard of the Computer Art Club? Well I am Co-President of it and it is an awesome club! We have about 20 members now and I am so happy with the growth of this club. We just took a trip to NYC to visit the MoMa, and we had a group BBQ on Sunday. You all should consider joining next semester!!!! Our Facebook group page is, anyone can join. 🙂

This is some of our club members from the BBQ this past Sunday! You all must recognize Sven….. 🙂

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