8 Fish

This design makes great use of the positive and negative space in order to create the 8 fish. Upon first glace at the picture you may only see the four fish in yellow but by looking a little closer you can see the other four fish created by the negative space. This interesting logo was designed by Jerron Ames. To see more designs by Jerron Ames you can visit his website at: http://www.logofaves.com/designer/jerron-ames/


Starbucks was designed by Terry Heckler of Heckler Associates. This logo represents mermaid.

The re-​​design was carried out by international branding firm Lippincott.
New Starbucks logo design is more simple, and it has more technique of ambiquity of positive and negative space by removing letters around mermaid. Even This logo becomes an iconic that no longer needs a name. It shows the power of symbolism and brand recognition during 40 years.

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NBC logo

This famous logo for NBC has a peacock between the pick and purple “feathers” and is facing forwards, symbolizing the company moving forward and not backward. I think the use of positive and negative space is quite remarkable. Some more logos can be found at http://www.toxel.com/design/2010/06/09/24-cool-logos-with-hidden-symbols/

Edgeboard Logo

This is a logo for a company called Edgeboard, designed by Hampus Jageland. I think it is a great example of positive and negative space in a logo because the way the E and B are arranged give it the illusion of a box, and it is extremely appropriate for the company’s name and product.  Click on the picture to see the rest of the product’s identity designed by Hampus.


There are many fantastic logos that involve positive and negative space. The one that caught my eye was the logo for 5.10 the apparel company.  Through clever use of positive and negative space the designer has created a single image using both the numbers five and ten. You can look at it from many different angles and each time you will see a different number of the two.