Washed Away

Washed Away

This is probably one of my all time favorite digital paintings. The thing about digital paint is how much I dive into detail. I don’t know why I can only do it when I paint on the computer, but I just love it. I see a picture and can just feel it!

Online Portfolio


this is possibly one of the coolest sites I have ever seen. You can set up an account for free and they will actually give you a space to post digital portfolios of your work that you have created. These works are all organized and put together in files that stay on your space.


this is an example of a post on the site. You can see all the work he has done since joining the site and his work is fantastic. No doubt one of the best on there. There is this and many more amazing artists who use this site.

Self Promotion Design

This self promotion is on the graphic work of Matt Needle. With artwork similar to Paula Scher, it is interesting to see such an economical work be so bold with its point of emphasizing self promotion. I enjoy his work because of this simplicity and how easy you can find what it is from just looking quickly. Not only that, but the message is very deep with each of his designs. You can see more of his work here.

Information Design

This was a fun and easy to read information design! I never saw something like this for something as simple as washing your hands. It is truly amazing how you can use a concept so simple and make a wonderful piece. The color coordination is well made, and the shapes for all the steps are economically sound. Overall a well put together piece.