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I admire the Coca-Cola company logo.  It was designed by Frank Mason Robinson and does a wonderful, yet simplistic job of grabbing the public.  The type is in what is called spencerian script, which was a popular styler in the late 1800s-early 1900s.  Aside from the actual neat and high contrast logo thats red and white, coca-cola is a catchy form of an alliteration that is easy to say, remember, and spell.  The name also comes with the nickname “coke” which is just as, if not more widely known.  I know in certain areas on the map people may refer to all forms of soft drinks as “coke.”  After all, Coca-Cola is the most widely known company in the world.  Find more at

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Andrew Baker

I am currently a student attending SUNY at Oneonta while dual-majoring in computer art and mass communications. I like anything that has to do with the media and I am fascinated by technology. My favorite fields have anything to do with film and television or photoshop. I am also very interested in travel and music.