Self Promotion

I found this self promotion package that appealed to me. I’m primarily a Music major and musician, so this really caught my attention. It included this custom amplifier piece, business card, what looks like a resume, and a custom pick. I could only find the flickr that it was associated with, so I assume that they are the designers of the package. Even if they aren’t the original designers, they still have some unique packages.

Self-Promotion architecture

This self-promotion is from Jiaorong Lu, who is studying in Pratt Institute Communications Design. He drew many architectures inside because his architecture major, but cover is very simple. The arrow on the text is pointing the way to read, and it is interesting that number 8 is divided half and inside has another content. For more information,

Self promotional Graphic

I really like this piece because it is a play on words. It immediately grabs your attention and leads you in. It is by Scoot Buschkuhl a designer who created a package design. I really liked the idea because of its use of typography and its interesting and unique approach. Here is a link

Jonathan Acevedo

Self-Promotion: Ivan Khmelesky

I thought this self-promotion package was a very interesting and successful one. This self- promotion piece was created by designer Ivan Khmelesky. It contains his business cards, a flash drive with his digital portfolio, a pin, a poster and his resume. I thought this was a successful self-promotion piece because it was unique and you really got a sense of his personality from it. I like how he connected the business card to the flash drive with the ribbon. I also like how he kind of based his logo off of his name. I also really like the “Hug me if you ke rn” button, it added a little bit of humor while still showing his understanding of typography. Check out all the parts of his self-promotion piece at this website

Nicholas Wilson, Self-Promotional Piece

This is a really exceptional self-promotional piece by Nicholas Wilson. It incorporates many mediums which have a really organic appeal. It’s very organized, original, and distinctively recycled looking. What I like most is how empty space is treated. The business cards container literally devotes an entire casing to one little pile of business cards (with two distinctive rounded edges alternating with square-cut edges). There are many boxes and compartments within the overall packaged design which from an pictured experience might seem convoluted, but I imagine when one actually handles this promotional grouping, it might be a lot like unwrapping a very beautiful gift. I especially like the wooden cover of the portfolio book. It just seems very sophisticated and yet approachable. I love this thing.

Self-Promotion: Dan luvisi

Ive seen many artist’s  portfolio sites while trying to figure out how to design mine. Of the many one of them Caught my eye, that is the site of Dan Luvisi. Luvisi is a digital artist mostly focusing on concept art. And his design has showcased that. Each page showcases his impecable skills as a concept artist. But thats not all, the header for his site is a very simple yet effective logo, and the layout tells you all about him.