optical illusion art

Video Artisit – Baek Nam Joon

If you are interested in both mass communication and art like me, look at his artist. Baek Nam Joon, who is Korean-American, is known as the first video artist. His most famous work is that “super highway” in application to telecommunications, which gave rise to the opinion that he may have been the author of the phrase “Information Superhighway”. He introduced even mass medio culture can be part of art.

to look at more his art work, www.paikstudios.com

Milton Glasern “I love NY”

This famous logo ‘ I love NY’ is designed by Milton Glaser. His work is characterized by directness, simplicity and orginality. When he was young, he had various jobs such as book jackets, album covers, advertisements and even New York Times magazine illustrations. Also his art works are held in many famous museum, like museum of modern art, Victoria and Albert museum, and  Musee de l’affiche in Paris. And he taught in School of Visual Arts that is famous as providing strong graphic design education.



I think starbucks has storng identity. Especially, I like new logo the most that just come out in this year. Name of starbucks are removed and instead of using black background, green with white line is showing their identity. It looks cleaner than before, but it’s stronger. Also the logo is useful to match with coffee mug or cup.

Aids hidden danger


This is designed by Cedomir Kostovic. When you see this poster at the first time, you may just see lots of dots on the black back ground. However, if you take your time for a second, you will see the letter ‘Aids’. Also, in the real life, we cannot find out who has aids sickness, but they are staying around you, because they look same(same dots). So it says you have to be careful to get that disease.

Cedomir Kostovic’ website :www.cedoposter.com

Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey is widely known because of famous obama poster ‘hope’. However, before he starts to draw posters which he usually uses red, blue, and white-yellow on, he was a street artist. He likes to use red and black, and most of topic is about war and piece. So, most in his art, you easily can see gun, bullet, soldiers. But on the other hand, he drew piece mark, flower, and girl. He likes to use complex glyph on the background with red color and it looks gorgeous. Also he is the one who drew the ‘obey’ campaign sticker.

If you know more about Shepard Fairey’s art works go to