Behance Network

Behance is a website dedicated to artistic networking with a concentration in portfolio project designs. It’s free to join and allows you to reach out to your e-mail contacts and twitter to source viewers. It also allows you to publish your work in a professional manner with easy steps on how to start, reporting the strength of your portfolio. I recently found this site and made an account of my own. It is difficult to start networking for me because I don’t know many ppl on the site, but I hope it catches eyes!

This is an example of a piece of work that caught my eye by a user named JKB Fletcher:

Above is a screen shot of my Behance profile view. I’ve been knowing of this site for quite some time now but never took the time to to setup my portfolio. This assignment inspired to me finally start and I’m happy I did. I hope to use this summer to make new pieces to add to it.