World War III Vet- Emek

The posters done by Emek seemed to catch my attention the most at the show, my favorite being the R.I.P.b one.  I looked up some more posters done by this artist and found some interesting stuff.  To my surprise, Emek has done a lot of the cover work on albums for a lot of my favorite bands.  I also found this poster depicting the theoretical horrors of a third World War.  The image was interesting to me because in the unfortunate event of a WWIII, the technology is at an age where the world could quite possibly be destroyed.  In the poster, the vet. seems to place blame on atomic bombs, by drawing a mushroom cloud.  The peacefulness of the skeletal couple sitting on a park bench, while the glow of destruction is surrounding them is ironic and captures the growing carelessness of our society.  More can be found at

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