Alexander McQueen

May 4, 2011

Of course, after the Royal Wedding Alexander McQueen has become even more popular then the brand as already been. However, I love this logo! It’s simple yet elegant and describes the brand perfectly. 


Check out this site on making beautiful resumes that work. It’s extremely relevant to what we are working on now! Enjoy!


May 4, 2011

As a senior, I’ve been applying to many jobs. I have a major in Communication and a strong interest in fashion. I applied for an internship position with a fashion forecasting and technology company called Stylesight. While researching the company I found their graphic standard page. It is incredibility interesting to see what we have done in class out there in the “real world.”


April 13, 2011

CreativeShake is an online resource for displaying creative talent. They have been in business for ten years showcasing creative talent while having art and creative directors, marketing managers and publishers rely on their site as a high quality resource.There are many different packages offered for different budgets ranging from free (five images) to $49 dollars a month (2o images with layout options).

Diane von Furstenberg

April 13, 2011

For those of you who don’t know, Diane von Furstenberg an extremely popular fashion designer. What I love most about this graphic is it’s simplicity. Because of it’s simplicity it is easy to add the graphic into many different advertisements, store fronts, fashion shows and more. From my research, I believe the designer of this graphic is Rachel Gogel.

I found this information design to be so interesting! Personally, I had no idea how big Africa really was until I saw this. What a great idea to use other countries to inform people of the actual size, terrific!

“The True Size of Africa” by Kai Krause

Pos/Neg Space

March 30, 2011

This logo is called “Food Writers,” by 300 million. What I love most is the use of positive and negative space. As the viewer, you are clearly able to see the pen and the spoon due to the use of space. It makes for a great logo, simple and sophisticated!