lex drewinski.

Through the use of simple, bold shapes, Polish designer Lex Drewinski conveyed strong political messages in his artwork. In 1985 he left Poland for Germany and became a professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam in 1992. His pieces always display a message of social concern.

It may be that I’m not a responsible-minded person in my private life and that -as a man without a parliamentary seat- I don’t have any effect on political happenings but as a poster artist I have nearly boundless possibilities for presenting my political and social comments. I have to add that for me “Responsibility in Graphic Design” is not just the topic of my works but also it is not less than the search for the perfect shape for my posters. As professor I am not only responsible for my own works but also for the work of my design students. So I use every opportunity to involve young people with social-political topics.”

In 2008, Drewinski received a Doctorate in Fine Arts and has won over 130 prizes all over the world.

(Gallery of Drewinski’s various works in Katowice, PL)