Graphics for Change – Emek

When I viewed the paper ink {voice} exhibit I really enjoyed all of the artists’ work. There was however one artist who’s work really interested me and I liked the style of all his pieces. This artist was Emek and I really enjoyed his blunt, straight forward, creative work and message. So when I got home I decided to google more of his works and I stumbled upon his website.

The image to the left is a piece that Emek created to help victims of Hati. The artwork is 18″ x 24″ done in silkscreen. The profits from these pieces that Emek has sold went straight towards Hati. On his website, Emek had said that the first batch of these posters had raised $24,000. It’s really nice to see an artist make an informitive poster and sell it for profits towards the issue at hand.

I look forward to seeing future artwork done by Emek.

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