My Art Space is a social networking site for the contemporary art world where artists can post their work and let curators, buyers, professors, students, and other art appreciators view their work. It is free and you are able to search and interact with other artists. There are also contests and forums to get involved with.

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Online portfolio.

“Viwebook” is a website dedicated to anyone who wants to start an online portfolio. They offer to everyone 30days trial for free. This site would be helpful for make portfolio perfect, create, manage and share your online portfolio websites and work presentation, for the web and mobile devices.

I’m attaching one of picture which is an example of what the Viewbook made an online portfolio.

visit the website:

Online Portfolio

This is a informal website named vividbook for making a creative online portfolio.

See an example of the creative portfolio posted on this website here;

The link of this website here;

Fee of using this website is $6/month or $60/year!

Portfolio Websites

I recommend to anyone who hasn’t looked at it before.  It’s a fun portfolio site where you can upload many different mediums of art from drawings to t-shirts and they have fun contests.  It also has the unique option to sell your work, where they will print off the image you uploaded- so you need to make sure your work is high enough resolution.  You can choose your % mark up for each work, though I’m not sure it’s the most popular place to sell art- it’s still a cool option.  I have actually had my own portfolio on redbubble for a while now- though it’s not exactly up-to-date.  Below is a photoshop image that I made for a photoshop cs5 contest.  I didn’t win and I’ve never sold anything, but it’s still a fun site.  Check it out.


At you are capable of creating an online portfolio at no cost.  It allows you to create a flash website and gives you different templates to choose from.  It makes it simple and breaks it down into steps. 

You simply choose your design, customize your space with different fonts and effects, and publish your website.  You can update your website at any time.