Chanel meets Coca Cola

The above image is a new collaboration Karl Lagerfeld has taken on with Coca Cola. The new looks are set to hit shelves summer 2011 and will be adorned with different Chanel inspired designs. There’s even a special design for the Diet Coke bottles on which Lagerfeld’s silhouette appears as a way to celebrate his own success with weight loss. I think this is an adorable idea and thought I’d share it!


Helmut Newton


Helmut Newton was a photographer who extended the boundaries of what was acceptable in prestigious magazines. His interest in photography stemmed from a camera he purchased in high school. This camera was the reason for his expulsion from school because of constant distraction, perhaps obsession, with the art of photography. Although he was dealt a fair share of obstacles while pursuing his career, he eventually reached his goals and became a photographer for Vogue. I find his story fascinating. I admire the confidence he expressed in his work. He pushed the envelope and brought sultry sexual escapades and bare women to full view with the flash of a camera. The content of his work is bold and provocative, yet it was accepted and showcased by one of the most notorious magazines in circulation. He is a pivotal character in fashion photography and I’m happy to have learned about his work.

Eco-Crime — Luba Lukova


The poster(s) that struck me the most in the exhibition paper ink {voice} at the Martin-Mullen Gallery were those made by Luba Lukova. I find the bold simplicity used in her work fascinating. With use of a few large scale visual images, she effectively illustrates such powerful messages. I struggle with achieving effective simplicity in my work and admire those who can. Her work is clean and insightful, and although all the works at the exhibition were striking, I found myself most attracted to hers.

A ttached are links which lead to a column covering her work and a link where I found one of my favorite posters.