Identity System

This is a great example of an identity system because it is clear, clean and understandable. You a get a complete understanding of what the company sells and what they are called.


Design by:  Thomas Bossee


Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey, well known for his “Hope” poster of Barack Obama, however before this he was more popularly known for his graffiti style art usually shown illegally on building and signs. While in school he created the the sticker campagin “Andre the giant has a posse.” This campaign evenually lead to the start of the “Obey Giant” campaign, which was created to question the masses about the world around them through street art.  This evenually made way to a successful design & marketing company. His designs and slogans often appear on t-shirts sold at stores such as Urban Outfitters while creating logos for athletes such as Kobe Bryant and rock-music album covers. I find his story to be rather interesting. From starting with graffiti art while using different mediums, materials and messages and he came to put it all together in a different way through marketing and design while making people think about the message.

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Aid Haiti

I found this piece by David Daniele called Aid Haiti very inspiring. The typography and bandaid create a simplistic look yet it still portrays a strong meaning. The color black with capital letters along with the bandaid in front of the word Haiti gives the viewer a sense of urgency. I believe that all these characteristics make this piece extremely successful in what the artist was trying to portray; that Haiti needs help now.