Another Introspective of Tadanori Yokoo

Tadanori Yokoo is one of highest rated graphic artists to come out of Japan.  He became popular in the 60’s with his eye-popping graphics and easily identifiable trademarks, including his sunbursts, samurais, waves, juxtapositions of painterly and photographic imagery earned him a name in the industry as a force to be reckoned with. A lot of influence came from traditional Japanese art as well as the culture of his time. He made political commentary on social issues, war, poverty, his own life experiences, and the world at large. His pop style had him compared with Andy Warhol, which is both a positive and negative association because while Warhol carries a lot of respect, Tadanori’s work is so original and fantastical that he deserves name recognition solely through his own merit.  The artist spent a lot of time making posters, designing music album and manga book covers, working with high profile advertising companies, and is so prolific it is very difficult to categorize him into a single box. He is even well known through his painting which he abruptly took up after retiring from design late into his life. Tadanori now puts on annual exhibits of his paintings and is still considered genius and popular fare amongst Japanese culture.  While he does not have the same recognition here in the US, his influence has inspired American artists over and over again through color, linework, composition, and his sheer technical skill when it comes to painting, drawing, and laying out fierce and non traditional work that pushes the boundaries of commercial and aesthetic thinking. Please check him out because his eclectic and psychedelic works are just stunning and it will inspire you to spend your own lifetime making the art you believe in too.