Income Gap

I went to the paper ink {voice} poster exhibition and very much enjoyed looking at all of the posters. For some of them, I had to look closely to get the message. But for this poster, I understood it in 2 seconds. It is done by Luba Lukova who focuses a lot on social justice in her posters. I loved this one because it is just so clean and simple. She only uses two colors (assuming the lighter part of the pie is a tint version of the gold used), and I think she chose the perfect colors to do so. They are so contrasting with each other, especially the black and white of the forks and background, that it allows me to see the beautiful shapes Luba has created from her drawing. I thought that her idea was very clever, but also clear for everyone to understand, which is a major aspect of a successful poster. She did not try to over do the poster and make it too complicated, but instead came up with a simple drawing that allowed us viewers to treasure the beautiful positive and negative shapes she created. Her simple drawings and composition allow us to treasure the true meaning of this poster!



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Chloe Reznikov

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