Cedomir Kostovic- Racism

The poster that stood out most to me at the paper ink {voice} exhibit was the AIDS Hidden Danger poster by Cedomir Kostovic. I thought it was a very interesting poster. I like how at first it looks like just a lot of colorful dots but then when you look closer you realize that the word AIDS is actually spelled out in the poster. I liked how simple yet creative and effective the poster was. When I researched some of his other works I found that this tended to be his style, simple while still conveying a strong message. I like how he is able to get his point across without having to use a lot of text and/or pictures. One of his other posters I liked was the Racism poster. I think it is interesting how he expressed the idea that racism is irrational by removing the black keys form the piano. It is a fairly simple poster and yet I still think it is a strong poster because it makes you stop and think. I really enjoyed looking at all of his different posters, which can be seen on his website www.cedoposter.com