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Not too many people have heard of (pronounced just like “forest”), which may be due to it only being a year old. Essentially, it’s a collective space for designers and developers of all sorts. Whether you’re a graphic designer, web developer, programmer etc. you’ll certainly find Forrst extremely useful. This space is great because you can use it in a variety of ways.

If you’re working on a project (for school or an actual client), upload a snapshot and receive insightful critique from Forrst’s vast global community filled with a wide range of professionals  in a variety of fields, as well as students.  Evaluate their feedback and use it to improve your current project. In the same sense, you can share your own bag of tricks with others. This holds the true value of Forrst. Everyone brings something different to the table and is always very helpful. The result is a more beautiful product.

Although fellow designers are often looking for critique on their current project (poster, website, code, etc.) or help with using certain software, they’ll often post a number of resources that they find useful too. For example, a designer may learn a new cool trick so he/she writes a tutorial and shares it with the community. Or it may just be something as simple as a link to a convenient resource, such a website offering free fonts. Either way, it’s also something beneficial to you, even if it’s down the road.

Even when I’m in between projects, I’m always on Forrst looking at what every one else is doing, learning tricks of the trade, and offering my input when possible. In fact, Forrst has become a website I check daily.

If you’re interested in joining Forrst, you must know it’s an invite-only community. This means that either a current member must invite you, or you can apply (as I did) by providing a link to something you’ve made (I used my website). If you’re approved, a Forrst “ranger” will send you an invite.

Try it out. I’d be happy to invite you ( Forrst is a free place to receive expert advice.

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