Tibor Kalman

Tibor Kalman was born in Budapest, Hungary on July 6, 1949.; fled from Soviet invasion, becoming a U.S. resident in 1956;  and he died on May 2, 1999. He briefly attended NYU for journalism. During the ’70s he worked for a local NYC bookstore that later became Barnes & Noble. Together with Carol Bokuniewciz and Liz Trovato in 1979, Kalman founded a design firm called M&Co, doing corporate work for companies, musicians and restaurants.In 1990, Kalman became editor-in-chief for “Colors,” a magazine that focused on multicultural awareness. Shortly after he died, a retrospective of his work called Tiborocity opened at the San Francisco Museum of Modern art and toured the U.S.

He was best known for his work with the magazine “Colors,” including this controversially altered image of the British Queen: