Chip Kidd

Chip Kidd is an American graphic designer, known best for his book cover designs.  He has designed over 1500 book covers for various authors.  He himself is an author, writing books such as The Cheese Monkeys and Bat-Manga.  Kidd is an art director at Knopf Publishing, which is a division of Random House.  He designs book jackets at an average of 75 per year.  He also free-lances for other publishing companies.  What really stands out to me when I think of Chip Kidd now is his work with his book Bat-Manga.  Along with being a graphic designer and an author, he his a lover of comic books, which shows in this work. In one of his book covers, he combines the human world with the comic book world which shows his love. Chip Kidd was told by teachers that he was not good at designing book covers and that he shouldn’t make a career of it. He has more than proven them wrong.