but does it float

Charles Clary Paper Sculpture

^^Charles Clary’s Paper Constructions^^

You can never draw too much inspiration, in my opinion, and I have a few bookmarked links that I spend a good amount of time on just taking in. Stumbling upon Folkert Gorter’s blog “but does it float” about a year ago I was immediately drawn not just to the posted images but the way that they appear as you scroll. Simple presentation of stunning imagery and updated constantly, a day doesn’t go by without logging onto but does it float. Posts primarily spotlight one artist showcasing a select number of their works, most of which are accompanied by an apt quotation usually from an inspirational figure. Common themes are existential thought, mathematics, abstract art, photography, and sculpture, but really touches on a little of everything. Lots of diversity here, although usually on the experimental/strange side of visual art, there is something here for everyone. Thought-provoking, inspirational awesomeness.