David Carson

Ray Gun Magazine Cover by David Carson
David Carson is a well known American graphic designer.  He is best known for his magazine covers and crazy typography.  He discovered the grunge era of graphic design.  He was know as the “Father of Grunge.”  Carson was the art director of the Ray Gun magazine.  He got a lot of recognition for his playful typography.  It was unique, and many other graphic designers say he did not follow the rules of typography, but he pulled it off.  Among other things he was also a professional surfer, 9th best in the world.  He then was asked to design for a surfing magazine called Beach Culture.  Carson has done work for Pepsi, Nike, Budweiser, NBC, American Airlines, Levi, Georgi Armani, and Warner Bothers, just to name a few.  Carson took photography and typography and twisted them together, to what may look like a confusing mess, but in reality this is what has captured viewers and made them enjoy his work.